Center for Neurobehavioral health, ltd.

"This Is Your Brain Series"

(All five parts as excerpted from
Building Mental Muscle written by
David Gamon, Ph.D. and Allen D. Bragdon) 

Cognitive Zone #5 "SPATIAL ZONE"

The brain processes incoming sensory data about size, proportion,
shape, relative volume, and other spatial values mostly with neurons
on the right side.  The area in back of the cortex (right side) is the occipital area
where visual data is first processed, then sent elsewhere to be interpreted. 

Cognitive Zone #4 "LANGUAGE & MATH ZONE"

Detailed data that make up the "trees" of the "forest" are mainly processed
on the left side of the cortex near the temple.  Also nearby the temporal lobe
are the parts of the brain that control speech and language --
both abstract understanding and motor movements involved in speech. 

Cognitive Zone #3 "EMOTIONAL ZONE"

Our emotional responses, which we are often not consciously able
to cause or control voluntarily, tend to be processed in the older, central part
of the brain rather than the outer cortex.  The brain is primarily a tool to ensure
survival, not speculation, so response is often required on a subconscious level. 

Cognitive Zone #2 "MEMORY ZONE"

It is a component of all cognitive skills.  The brain codes data it
considers useful and stores it in the cortex, often near the sensory area
related to each component part of the memory.  Before storage,
incoming data passes through the brain's interior, more primitive area
to take whatever action is required for survival. 


 This is the front part of the cortex, i.e., the wrinkled outer covering
of the brain that allows you to foresee goals in the future and take the
steps necessary to execute your plans.  It is also involved in relating
to other people in productive ways -- including picking up signals
about their attitudes and choosing the most effective responses.